retailer benefits and services

VLC Distribution maintains its unique positioning in the marketplace with the ability to provide its retail partners with an all-inclusive range of services.

VLC Warehouse

Our retail services include:

  • Wide Product Assortment:

    VLC Distribution carries a broad scope of branded product assortments that position our clients to offer a wider selection of choices for their customers. VLC Distribution’s investment in inventory management removes inherent financial concerns, allowing our clients to use Open-to-Buy dollars more efficiently.

  • Sales Optimization:

    VLC Distribution, through long-established partnerships, has unique “industry-insider” advantages in product offerings and promotions. We guide our clients towards better performing brands and styles to ensure a higher probability of success.

  • Sales Presentation:

    VLC Distribution offers:

    • Multiple high-resolution images with alternate viewing angles
    • SEO-friendly descriptions for optimum search engine recognition
    • Detailed product classification for effective category navigation
    • Products and accessories to generate add-on revenue
  • Set Up Forms:

    VLC Distribution will complete all required setup forms for item placement and customer setup.

  • Inventory Feeds:

    VLC Distribution provides inventory feeds at customized intervals so our clients can maintain visibility and maximize sales.